Recent Steam Engine Manufacturing Project Completion

For over 30 years, MTE have been providing engineering solutions to clients in a wide range of sectors, from nuclear power, hydro power and coal power to public, construction and more. Recently, we had the opportunity to manufacture some liners for a famous steam engine project which we were very excited to partake in. Below, we have provided some details of how we completed the project.

Using the latest manufacturing methods, our millers manufactured these historic and British designed parts using 4th axis milling in combination with HSM (High Speed Machining), utilising our versatile Haas VF6. Additionally, our millers used off the shelf vended tooling in order to complete the manufacture to the best standard possible; no high risk, long lead time, custom tooling necessary!

Steam Engine Manufacturing  manufacturing

Due to the quality and experience of the millers at MTE, we were able to finish the job all in one set up with no disruptions. This was a fantastic project to get involved in, witnessing a component designed over 80 years ago getting manufactured again from scratch, but now using some of the latest equipment and techniques in engineering, all in our workshop. How do you think they were made 80 years ago? See our video to watch how we did it.

Machinists at MTE can complete a wide range of projects, including:

  • Machine Shop Milling
  • High speed CNC batch milling
  • Bespoke 3D Milling
  • Large capacity horizontal and vertical boring, including CNC.
  • Small CNC mill/turn projects
  • Large capacity manual and CNC turning
  • Large horizontal CNC machining centre projects
  • Shaping (key seating and slotting)
  • Drilling

Our other services include fitting and assembly, refurbishment of pumps, valves and gearboxes etc., inspection, CAD, reverse engineering and much more.

If you would like to learn more about the manufacturing services provided at MTE UK, you can contact us by phone on +441977 670514. Alternatively, you can email us at

Posted by: Northern Media
On: December 27, 2018